• songs to choose from

    19th November, 2014

      The idlewild album went on pre-sale and it's all doing very well so far, as are the tickets for the March 2015 European tour - so thank you to anyone out there who placed their order and/or bought tickets. Quite a few of the shows are close to selling out (one of the Glasgow gigs already has), so i would be quick if you want to come see us play. After such an enjoyable acoustic tour of the highlands and islands last month (there is a tour diary I wrote from the tour on the idlewild website) I am looking forward to starting practices for the electric shows.

    • Sit in disbelief

      27th September, 2014

        It has been hard to think of much else apart from last week’s referendum on Scottish Independence. Although the eventual result was hugely disappointing and disheartening for myself and the other 1.6 million Yes voters – I still sit in disbelief living in a country that rejected its independence!! - What were some people thinking!! - At least It signalled a seismic change in politics in this country - It was an engaged & charged political atmosphere that involved everyone.

      • progress in the interest of the people

        28th August, 2014

        A lot has been going on and I have not been reporting about any of it. The idlewild record has been taking up my time, creatively speaking, but it is all done now, well, all recorded. It's a good feeling and I think there is a great album waiting to be picked out. John Angello is mixing the songs next month in New York. John worked with us way back in 2001 with Lenny Kaye on songs that would eventually become 'The remote part'. We worked on a very early (and long) version of 'American English' as well as several others.

      • Not so much a blog as a news report...

        21st February, 2014

          Not so much a blog this time as a news report  -

          I’ve mentioned it quite a bit over the last 6 months or so, but my live album is now (almost) all set for release - the CD’s and envelopes have been ordered and as soon as they are delivered it will be on sale directly from this website (and also the merch table at upcoming gigs if there are any left). I have 1000 copies to sell. As before, I am happy to sign & message albums ordered online if so desired.

        • People from all over the world were interested

          17th December, 2013


          • A different kind of cold

            5th November, 2013


            Iceland is one of my favourite countries that I've had the good fortune of visiting, Reykjavik being one of the world’s loveliest capital cities. Small, artistic, charming - everything you want from a place. I’ve been once before, in 2003 – Other than my first glimpse of the Northern lights, what I remember most about that trip is being pre-occupied with finishing off the lyrics for ‘warnings/promises’ while sat in a series of different bars and coffee shops.

          • a classic night in the Isles

            3rd August, 2013


              Into August already and the rain and wind have picked up and I have this funny feeling that summer may be on the way out and 6 months of winter beginning. Still, it has been good & sunny for the most part with lots of opportunity for eating outside, lying on beaches, barbeques, and wonderful sunsets.

            • 2013 ANNUAL SCOTTISH TOUR BLOG - PART 3

              22nd May, 2013


                WED MAY 15th – INVERNESS, Highlands

                In the morning we head up to Loch Morlich for a restorative walk by the water in the shadow of Cairngorm, and then tea & toast at the campsite café. We all have Thistly cross hangovers. Lunch at the old bridge sorts that out though – Venison pie & potatoes for me. Delicious. I feel fine now.