News is the book

12th July, 2016

    It might not seem that way, but it’s been busy recently with band related activity. I’ve been neglecting this blog as usual - I will write more soon about our recent Californian trip. It was great to go back there and we made a good start recording the next album in Los Angeles after the short tour. We’ll continue work on the new record after the summer months. The third Iona Village hall music festival just happened and it was another big success - it gets better every year - some great bands and always a lovely & unique atmosphere. Plans are already in place for another in 2017 - check the IVHMF Facebook pages for all information -


    My main news is the book i have been sporadically working on for years is finally available for sale, or rather ‘pre-order’. It is coming out on our label empty words and sold through the pledge shop. It will not be available to buy anywhere else. It is ltd to 1000 copies and what is not sold by Aug 27th online will be sold at my September concerts. 



    here are some facts about it…..


    • It’s called ‘instrumentals’ - i am normally pretty good at naming songs and albums, but i struggled with naming a book. Quite often in a song if i’m not sure about what to sing i suggest an intstrumental section….


    • It is not a ‘collected lyrics’ style book, although song lyrics take up 60% of the words in it. They are written the way i imagine them though, which might seem random to some


    • Randomness plays a big part of this book


    • I have been putting the package together with my pal Alex Brown. Alex is a photographer and designer who has worked with me putting together artwork on my last few solo albums and the recent idlewild records also. We have spent a lot of time making sure the book looks just right. Alex Cares. 


    • It is hardback and printed on thick paper, printed by a small artisan printer - it is expensive, but it is expensive because it it high quality and has taken time - I am not trying to rip you guys off!


    • I have always enjoyed painting - I am an art school drop out.  Photographs of many of my paintings feature throughout, as do other photographs - some archive of the band, some of my notebooks, some of the Hebrides. Alex is a photographer by trade, i am an enthusiast. There are lots of photos. Good ones. 


    • The book is a limited run of 1000 - it is coming out on our (idlewild) label Empty words and sold through the Pledge shop. Any remaining books not sold by August 27th will be sold on my September tour. The book is selling well currently though, so if you definitely want to own one, I would suggest putting an order via the pledge shop and not wait to get one at the gigs just incase there are none. I see the Pixies are also selling their new album through this pledge shop set up. Bonus.  


    • We are also selling prints of one the paintings. These are ltd to 100 - Like the books, any remaining prints will be sold on the September tour after Aug 27th. The last i heard 84 had been sold though, so not many left. The painting is of the isle of Mull. Specifically Glen More. 


    • That’s about it - 152 pages - words, paintings, photos, hardback, ltd edition. Worth having if you like this sort of thing. You can’t put it in your pocket, but it’d look good on the bedside table, or the coffee table, or in your hands by the fire at the Clachaig inn, resting your feet with a pint of dark ale on the table next to you.


    Last news worthy item  - Idlewild play Kelvingrove bandstand on Augsut 5th. This is likely to be our last concert until we have a new album ready, and is certainly the last concert of the ‘Everything ever written’ era. This has been an amazing two years for us - writing & piecing the album together throughout 2013 & 2014, recording it ourselves - getting back onto stage with the memorable highlands & islands acoustic tour in Sept 2014 - the album release in March 2015 - Top 20 chart placing - selling out the UK tour - headlining festival stages - Japan - America again - more sold out acoustic/electric UK shows - really it’s been quite an unexpected, life affirming experience and we’re carrying all those good vibes & ideas on into the brand new album. In the meantime, come and help us celebrate with our largest headline Scottish show at an iconic Glasgow landmark. With great support from C Duncan - still a few tickets remaining -