• Festival audiences I was in years ago

    9th September, 2011

    continuing the theme of 'you tube clips of festival audiences I was in years ago', here is one that was brought to my attention. Jeff Buckley's afternoon main stage set at the 1995 Glastonbury festival. This was back in the day when I could regularly be found on the front barrier at gigs. This time I ended up beside a couple whose spirited dancing & singing kept catching the eye of an opportunistic, lazy cameraman. My look of annoyance speaks volumes.

  • 1992 style

    7th September, 2011


      the 1992 Reading festival – a formative musical experience for young woomble - Nirvana, teenage fanclub, Pavement, Public Enemy, Nick Cave and the bad seeds. All taken in at that perfect, impressionable age while soaked to the skin in cagougle and muddy doc martens.  In this clip I am one of the thousands jumping up and down in unison to this stone cold classic.

    • UK Tour onsale!

      6th September, 2011

      I've just learnt how to do this, so i'm excited. Anyway, the tour is on sale now. 14 gigs all around the UK.

      All ticket inforrmation is on the live page and also the facebook page. Rachel Sermanni is opening up in England.

      here's a taster of what kind of show you're going to get  :)

    • The vegetables aren't bad either

      14th July, 2011

      I’m feeling quite enthused after a really enjoyable trip down to play at T in the Park this past weekend. I wasn’t so sure how I’d fare up against the multitude of competition from various stages and bands, but as it happened, a heavy downpour just before we were due on packed out the tent, and most even stayed when the rain stopped. We were good – if I say so myself – but I think we were and we all really enjoyed the gig and are now enthused for more – like the OCTOBER/NOVEMBER UK TOUR!

    • Manners maketh man

      15th May, 2011

      I had the good fortune last week of taking a long drive up to Sutherland in the northwest corner of Scotland. Ostensibly to take part in the television show 'Grand tours of Scotland', but drives like this are worth taking for the sake of it sometimes. For those who have never ventured up there, Sutherland is one of the last wilderness regions in the UK, Europe even. 'The empty lands' is what they're known as, and one can see why - like the surface of the moon it's spooky, still and beautiful up there.

    • Plenty of tea towels

      14th April, 2011

        Back at home after the album tour – and a fine tour it was too, if I say so myself. Some good turnouts and we sold a few CD's and plenty of tea towels. I tell you, I'm big in the tea-towel market. We also made some great lunchtime stop-offs thanks to our well-thumbed good pub guide.The nag's head in Pickhill and the olive branch in clipsham were both outstanding meals, and lovely places to spend a few hours' in-between the cities & motorways. Quite proudly as a touring party we never once set foot in motorway services. We bought fuel and provisions in towns and ate in country pubs. It's a small detail, but it made us feel good.

      • One of the many reasons

        7th March, 2011

        So here we are in a newly pruned & stylish piece of cyber real estate. Many thanks to Wayne for his hard work setting it up. I think it looks great and I’ll make sure that the site is up dated with all the gigs and relevant news. There are a few videos up, and pretty soon they’ll be an entertaining mini documentary about the making of the album and a promo for ‘roll along’ courtesy of Blair & Beth who are great at this kind of thing. They came up to my house for the weekend and I showed them around and Sorren and I sang a few songs into the camera.

      • Well and truly connected

        26th February, 2011

        Things are changing around this lot of cyber space. Wayne, the trusted webmaster has re-vamped the site and it'll be going 'live' shortly. It all sounds quite exciting. I'm a fan of simple websites though, so those expecting a flashy new site with pop-ups and all the rest of it might be disappointed. If it's news you want though, then you'll have come to the right place. The people at EMI have also set up a Facebook page. I feel well and truly connected.