• photos from Edinburgh

    4th November, 2011

    Will write more shortly, but in the meantime here's a link to some photos from the last night of the tour at the Queens hall in Edinburgh. We had a great time on tour all in all. Thanks to those for coming out to see us.

  • Sparrow and the workshop are opening the Scottish gigs

    25th October, 2011

    Managed to catch a truly superb Wilco concert in Glasgow last night. They are the great American band of my time. The only downside was a fight breaking out on the (all seated) balcony during one of their quietist ballads. The worst side of the Scottish audience - some folk just need to cool it at the bar beforehand. It couldn't spoil the gig though. I can't recommend going to see them enough, if you haven't already.

  • tour photo diary - part three

    16th October, 2011

  • Tour Photo Diary - part two

    14th October, 2011

    More photographs from our tour - taken by Danny.

  • Tour photo diary - part one

    11th October, 2011

  • new merch, new songs

    5th October, 2011

    heading off on tour tomorrow - apparently the rest of the country has been gripped in some heatwave. Not up here - 30mph winds (gusts up to 50) and driving rain. It feels like autumn. Cold autumn. 

    Looking forward to seeing everybody and playing with the band again. We've got some new merch and some new songs, so i promise it'll be different for those that have been to gigs already this year.

  • literate,tuneful,mysterious

    26th September, 2011


    Of course I was sad to read in the news pages of the REM split. They were a band of huge importance to me, particularly in my teens, when along with the Smiths they pulled me out of the deep end of a thrash metal phase, opening my ears to how literate, tuneful and mysterious rock music could be.

  • Folk singer

    15th September, 2011

    ‘Folk singer’ - nowadays it’s a confusing and wildly encompassing term. As much as I like Devandra banhart or Laura Marling say, to me they’re not ‘folk singers’, but then what do you call them – they’re just good.  Maybe the interesting thing about it is that as a label it’s so open-ended that that everyone has their own interpretation of what it means – so effectively it doesn’t mean anything -  anyone can be a ‘folk singer’.