• The start of the summer perfectly

    10th June, 2012


  • six months for a pint

    29th March, 2012


    Went to my first show of the year last week. Michael Marra with the Hazey janes backing him up, in the Iona Village hall. Unfortunately it co-incided with opening night of the pub (it shuts all winter) so it was quiet, not a reflection of the man and his talents, I guess a lot of people have been waiting six months for a pint.

  • our very own never ending tour

    16th March, 2012

    Back home after the first trip of the year. Nine days around England in the hire car with Gavin, Sorren and Seonaid. It’s always a real pleasure to get to hang about with, and play music with them all and this time was no different, the only downer being me almost losing my voice – mainly a result of flu I couldn't shake off.

  • All to be sorted out

    4th March, 2012


    This blog has been neglected of late – I’ve started writing a few only to abandon them – One about the month of January, another about the fleet foxes, and the departure of their excellent drummer & singer J Tillmans. But y’know it’s March now, the sun is out, the winter Gales have blown away, and the Fleet foxes have spawned two new groups – Poor Moon and Father John Misty (J Tillmans new thing) – so it’s all worked out.

  • Get together and celebrate the songs

    10th January, 2012


  • Christmas tree in the corner

    19th December, 2011

    2011 is almost over and I’m sat in the same armchair by the fire as I was this time last year. The Christmas tree is in the corner - looking pretty good if I say so myself - chopped it down yesterday in the woods. Things are peaceful other than the near constant whistling of the wind, which doesn’t seem to have stopped since October. This is my favorite time of year though, always a good occasion for a bit of positive dwelling. 

  • Twitter - now I tweet

    10th November, 2011

      just to mention that I am now on Twitter. A few years back there was someone pretending to be me on it 'the official roddy woomble twitter page' he called it - I suppose it was flattering in a post modern, creepy sort of way, but now i have a page, or a nest, or whatever it's called, so I can keep those who want to know up to date with news on gigs & songs and some choice hand picked quotes. Wayne (my webmaster) will set up some sort of link to it I'm sure. He's in charge of these matters. 

      Full moon tonight. Brighter than my bedside lamp.

    • You don't need philosophy, where you can make do with binoculars

      9th November, 2011


      You cannot sustain quality by giving things away. This is my stock answer when I’m ever asked my opinion on the current state of the music industry and illegal downloading. I’ve been getting into a few conversations about it recently, which I must say I try to avoid, as it’s all a bit depressing. Out of context, there’s a line from a poem by the Gaelic poet Ruaraidh MacThomas that sums it up perfectly

       ‘You don’t need philosophy, where you can make do with binoculars’