21st May, 2013


    May 13th – Lerwick, Shetland Isles


    20th May, 2013



    THURSDAY 9th MAY; OBAN, Argyll –


    5th March, 2013


    March already – it’s true what they say, time does pass quickly when you’re having fun – Anyway the record is out now, in a somewhat low key fashion it must be said, hopefully some interest will pick up with it before too long, it’s a fine collection of songs and I’m looking forward to going on tour for a few weeks with Sorren, Gavin and Seonaid and playing them again.

  • amidst the envelopes & orders

    19th December, 2012


      Well it’s been a frantic week, relatively speaking - Taking orders, Writing envelops, tying up & signing CD’s, trips to the post office. I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people who wanted the album the day we put it on sale, so thank you all for being so interested! It’s also a fascinating thing to see where everyone is from – we had orders from Brazil, Russia, Finland, the Bronx, Shetland Isles, Somerset, France, and Spain …everywhere really. Plenty in from Scotland & Yorkshire where I seem to be the most popular.

    • The ones with the microphones

      28th November, 2012


        That’s it for touring in 2012 - we did 40 gigs this year, added to the 60 we did last year, that’s 100 gigs around the UK and Ireland for ‘the impossible song & other songs’. I think a wee break is due. We will be back in the hire car with the good pub guide and premier inn map in March.

      • Back in my armchiar

        23rd October, 2012


        1600 miles later and I am back in my armchair. It was a good tour of England and we had some fun – good concerts & turnout, some good pub lunches at some fine rural establishments – the Pipe & Glass in Yorkshire (have the steak sandwich), The blue Lion in East Witton, again in Yorkshire – fantastic menu & ale sat beside a roaring open fire, and the Lamb in Hindon in Wiltshire – bacon chop with creamed sprouts & fried apples. Oh yes.

      • with shaky hands

        21st August, 2012


        • my interest in their reunion

          1st July, 2012