Having the best time

17th March, 2015

    the last blog entry happened the day the album was released - of course none of us expected 'everything ever written' to appear in the midweek album charts at number 8, or end up in the top 20. In the scale of things, this doesn’t mean much i guess, but for a day or so anyway, it was a real thrill. It was the highest we have been in the charts for 10 years. Even though the charts are a much different thing to what they were a decade ago. It was still great. 

    The tour too, couldn’t have gone better. No one got ill, everyone was having the best time - it was like being on holiday - the way touring used to feel back when we started. As a band too we were playing better than we ever have - all the work that we had put in over the last year or so - the acoustic tour- and all the practices -  it paid off and we were a tight, fluid unit able to relax into the set list. Towards the end of the last chapter/era of the band we had a revolving set list of 40 songs or more, but to be honest half of them weren’t played that well or with much imagination. This time around we concentrated on getting 23 songs as good as they possibly could be, working on interesting arrangements and harmonies. 

    it is often hard to absorb exactly what is happening when you are in the middle of a concert and 3,000 people are all singing right back at you. The roundhouse in London was a fantastic venue to play in and it was one of best (and biggest) crowds i have ever played to. When the audience carried on singing the songs after we’d finished - it was almost hard to hold it all together. Collectively we were a bit overcome by the love being shown to us. Not just in London, but at all the Uk shows. In Europe too - we hadn’t played there for 8 years and the venues were much fuller than they were back then.  So a heartfelt thank you from all of idlewild to all the fans who made the tour such a success. 

    After all these years I think I finally realise that Idlewild is a pretty important thing to a lot of people. It certainly is to me, Rod, Colin, Lucci , Andrew and Hannah.  Next up after the two Irish gigs is a set as part of the teenage cancer trust shows at the Royal Albert Hall. I have always wanted to play there and it is a great cause to support.  Festivals are being booked in and in the autumn we are planning more UK and European shows doing an acoustic set followed by an electric set - Idlewild supported by Idlewild. Pretty sweet if you are an idlewild fan. 

    Look out for the new single & video too. Jay Baruchel came over to Scotland to be a part of it which was pretty special. He is a great actor and writer and it turns out we are his favourite band. Jay hadn’t seen us since 2001 so i think he was suitably made up by the Roundhouse show. He also interviewed us for the Guardian newspaper - all this will all be appearing in April. 

    Lastly, I am also playing in a boat shed in rural Argyll at the opening of my friends restaurant on sat March 28th. Inver restaurant sits on the banks of beautiful Loch Fyne just south of the village of Strachur (about an hour and a half from Glasgow) - Chef Pamela Brunton is an old friend and a wonderful cook - for the foodies out there she has done stints in Noma, Favikken and a couple of other michelin starred joints. For the nerds, she is also on the cover of ‘hope is important’. £25 for dinner and the concert (i’ll be joined by Hannah, Andrew, Craig Ainslie and Sorren Maclean) a bargain if you ask me - http://www.inverrestaurant.co.uk