• Slightly weaker than the impression

    3rd October, 2016

      sometimes i forget that i have a ‘blog’ . I seem to spend a lot longer than i would like to on a computer these days - its crept up over the years and now too much shopping, corresponding and general information comes from within this thing in front of me. When i’m done with it i look forward to reading a book or writing in a notepad, or indeed speaking with other humans. That is not to say i don’t enjoy writing - i do, and I should do it more often. 


    • News is the book

      12th July, 2016

        It might not seem that way, but it’s been busy recently with band related activity. I’ve been neglecting this blog as usual - I will write more soon about our recent Californian trip. It was great to go back there and we made a good start recording the next album in Los Angeles after the short tour. We’ll continue work on the new record after the summer months. The third Iona Village hall music festival just happened and it was another big success - it gets better every year - some great bands and always a lovely & unique atmosphere.

      • painted in stars along the outside wall

        26th April, 2016

          I’m not superstitious but I admit that the first four months of 2016 have been particularly bad for celebrity deaths - writing in the Guardian, columnist Deborah Orr puts it well - ‘People whose careers in entertainment began in or after the 1950’s - when mass culture started becoming truly dominant and helped make their innovations so rich - are beginning to die. Grief for the lost stars of mass culture is going to be a part of the fabric of western life from here on in’

        • George Mackay Brown

          14th April, 2016

            Last year I pitched the idea of writing about my favourite Scottish poet & writer George Mackay brown to a few publications here in Scotland. I say pitched, really i sent a couple of emails and didn’t hear back - i think pitching involved a bit more follow up & effort. After rejection I toyed with the idea of trying my hand at a radio programme or podcast, even contacting a few producers.

          • Proud to prop up the bar

            4th March, 2016

              The first Idlewild live album is out now - we’re all really happy with it. Live albums are a notoriously tricky equation. The balance between capturing the raw energy of the concert without sacrificing a performance that will lend itself to repeated listens - it’s is a hard one.

            • Having the best time

              17th March, 2015

                the last blog entry happened the day the album was released - of course none of us expected 'everything ever written' to appear in the midweek album charts at number 8, or end up in the top 20. In the scale of things, this doesn’t mean much i guess, but for a day or so anyway, it was a real thrill. It was the highest we have been in the charts for 10 years. Even though the charts are a much different thing to what they were a decade ago. It was still great. 

              • future, present and past

                12th February, 2015

                  For the past few weeks i have been firmly seconded in all things German. Partly this is because i am keenly anticipating idlewilds first German tour in eight years, but also because it is one of my favourite european countries and I rarely get to go. My Neu, Can, Kraftwerk and Popul Vuh albums have been on the turntable, my WG Sebald and Goethe books off the shelf, and several frothy weissbiers have been drunk. ‘Krautrock’ has long been a favourite musical genre of mine - bands like NEU and Can seem to take ordinary instruments to a fairly far out place.

                • Share my festive well wishing

                  26th December, 2014

                    Normally i write this blog down before christmas so that i can share my festive well wishing with all the readers. This year (like most years to be honest) I suffered from cyber slacking. I am from the generation that still views the computer in the room with vague suspicion.  Anyway, It is still christmas time (and i hope that everyone had a lovely few days) I’m typing it now and briefly i will sum up my year for anyone interested…..